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  1. 1.Word that can go before macaroni or room
  2. 2.Green fruit with brown skin
  3. 3.Property card in Monopoly
  4. 4.King whos Thor and Lokis father
  5. 5.Extend as a newspaper subscription
  6. 6.Turmoil
  7. 7.Big shaggy bovine
  8. 8.I cant ___! (excited cry)
  9. 9.Make a surprise visit: 2 wds.
  10. 10.Savings institutions
  11. 11.___ Day vitamins: 2 wds.
  12. 12.First word of many letters
  13. 13.Tip of a slipper
  14. 14.Trials and tribulations
  15. 15.The Lovebirds actress Issa ___
  16. 16.Unexpected singer of Way Back Into Love in 2007s Music and Lyrics (with Hugh Grant): 2 wds.
  17. 17.Internet site for health advice
  18. 18.Swelled head
  19. 19.Brunch or dinner for example
  20. 20.Artists three-legged stand
  21. 21.Kylo ___ (Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker character)
  22. 22.Japans continent
  23. 23.American spy organization: Abbr.
  24. 24.Rugged cliff
  25. 25.Dweeb
  26. 26.Formal agreement between countries
  27. 27.Saturday Night Live comedian Davidson
  28. 28.Opera singers showstopper
  29. 29.Word that concludes some prayers
  30. 30.Ringo Starrs knightly title
  31. 31.Person who wanders a long way
  32. 32.Unexpected singer of SOS in 2008s Mamma Mia! (with Meryl Streep): 2 wds.
  33. 33.Apple computer
  34. 34.Pitched correctly to a musician: 2 wds.
  35. 35.What gave you that ___? (Why do you think that?)
  36. 36.Actor Garrett ___ who played Harry Kim on Star Trek: Voyager
  37. 37.Rustic hotels
  38. 38.___ all is said and done . . .
  39. 39.Largest of the Three Bears
  40. 40.Doom Patrol actor Tudyk
  41. 41.The I in TMI for short
  42. 42.Garage ___ (events with secondhand goods)
  43. 43.___ boom (aircraft sound)
  44. 44.Stopping point
  45. 45.Live Free or ___ (New Hampshires motto)
  46. 46.Tortoises opponent in a fable
  47. 47.Unexpected singer of Santa Fe in 1992s Newsies: 2 wds.
  48. 48.Gawk at
  49. 49.Sundar Pichais title at Google: Abbr.
  50. 50.Spanish word thats shouted during a flamenco dance
  51. 51.Writer of verses
  52. 52.Lake between Ohio and Ontario
  53. 53.On pins and needles
  54. 54.Santa ___ California
  55. 55.Shoelace problems
  56. 56.Take care of too-long grass
  57. 57.Actress Graynor of Mrs. America
  58. 58.Hide-and-___
  59. 59.Swim ___ (flipper for a scuba diver)
  60. 60.Prepare potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner
  61. 61.French-speaking Caribbean nation
  62. 62.Swirling current
  63. 63.Admission charge for a poker hand
  64. 64.Fireplace grime

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