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  1. 1.Host of TBSs Full Frontal whose last name sounds like a letter of the alphabet: 2 wds.
  2. 2.Portion of a play or movie
  3. 3.___ uproar (riotous): 2 wds.
  4. 4.Body part touched to the ground in a modern form of protest
  5. 5.Frozen water
  6. 6.Place to lift weights
  7. 7.Units of heredity
  8. 8.Where your nose and mouth are located
  9. 9.Dont go
  10. 10.Overwhelmed and under pressure like at work
  11. 11.___ appétit!
  12. 12.Generous ___ fault: 2 wds.
  13. 13.We were made for ___ other
  14. 14.Pieces in a mosaic
  15. 15.Pints ordered at a pub
  16. 16.Do the Right Thing actress whose last name sounds like a letter of the alphabet: 2 wds.
  17. 17.Tel Aviv and Jerusalems country
  18. 18.Boat-propelling tool
  19. 19.The Last of the Mohicans actor Studi
  20. 20.Long long time
  21. 21.Pest on a dog
  22. 22.___ of expertise (what a pro is good at)
  23. 23.___ you kidding me?!
  24. 24.Big ___ Country (nickname for Montana)
  25. 25.Rational
  26. 26.Opposite of skinny
  27. 27.Former Tonight Show host whose first name sounds like a letter of the alphabet: 2 wds.
  28. 28.The right side of a compass
  29. 29.___ of vipers (villainous group)
  30. 30.Organ you see with
  31. 31.Science Guy Bill who plays a fictional version of himself on Blindspot
  32. 32.Dear me!
  33. 33.Study a lot right before a final
  34. 34.Core stomach muscles
  35. 35.Utensil thats not a spoon or knife
  36. 36.Not then
  37. 37.Smokey for one
  38. 38.Small battery size
  39. 39.___ Doodle Dandy
  40. 40.Maleficent actress whose first name sounds like a letter of the alphabet: 2 wds.
  41. 41.Baseball cap beanie or fedora
  42. 42.Meat often ordered medium rare
  43. 43.Weekend Update show: Abbr.
  44. 44.___ logs (snoring)
  45. 45.Makes less yellow like teeth
  46. 46.Phrase that can mean clean up eat or stick in jail: 2 wds.
  47. 47.Hang loosely like oversized jeans
  48. 48.Lounges on the sofa perhaps
  49. 49.___ out (scold harshly)
  50. 50.2008 Obama campaign slogan: 3 wds.
  51. 51.Last weekday: Abbr.
  52. 52.Maple syrup source
  53. 53.Ending for consist or despond
  54. 54.Pickle containers
  55. 55.Birminghams state: Abbr.
  56. 56.Maker of plug-in cars
  57. 57.Shade of brown thats lighter than chocolate
  58. 58.Hand cream additive
  59. 59.Obtain
  60. 60.State whose largest cities include Wichita and Topeka
  61. 61.Whats used to hit a baseball
  62. 62.Time period like the Victorian and Elizabethan ones

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