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  1. 1.Chafe against
  2. 2.___-fi (literary genre)
  3. 3.Sound feed (as opposed to video)
  4. 4.Cooling devices: Abbr.
  5. 5.Round part of an Etch A Sketch
  6. 6.Furnaces and radiators for example
  7. 7.Pokémon trainer ___ Ketchum
  8. 8.Makes changes to as a gown
  9. 9.___ in your way?: 2 wds.
  10. 10.Type of bread that sometimes has caraway seeds
  11. 11.Unilluminated
  12. 12.Male animal tended by a shepherd
  13. 13.Girl's name that rhymes with speedy
  14. 14.Photographed
  15. 15.Lean to one side
  16. 16.Hang loosely like too-big jeans
  17. 17.Oscar-nominated The Imitation Game actress who has struggled with dyslexia: 2 wds.
  18. 18.Pod used in gumbo
  19. 19.Mother-in-___
  20. 20.Twitter abbreviation indicating This was unknown to me before just now . . .
  21. 21.What a postal truck carries
  22. 22.Came up short financially
  23. 23.Omelet ingredients
  24. 24.Peace ___ (design on a hippie's T-shirt)
  25. 25.___ Misérables
  26. 26.Photo ___ (media events with celebs or politicians)
  27. 27.Boston-area school that graduates lots of engineers: Abbr.
  28. 28.Cat ___ Hot Tin Roof: 2 wds.
  29. 29.Go ___-wild
  30. 30.Person from Glasgow or Edinburgh
  31. 31.The Fresh Prince of ___-Air
  32. 32.Horror star Vincent who was featured on Michael Jackson's song Thriller
  33. 33.Suffix in the names of some sweet beverages
  34. 34.Play on words
  35. 35.Oscar-winning Ghost actress who has struggled with dyslexia: 2 wds.
  36. 36.Big tooth in a mastodon skeleton
  37. 37.___ behaved (lacking manners)
  38. 38.Amazing reviews
  39. 39.Single-named supermodel
  40. 40.Clothing fastener that can be closed one-handed
  41. 41.Cloth for polishing silver
  42. 42.Liquor made by Beefeater
  43. 43.Audacious
  44. 44.Dallas Cowboys running back Emmitt Smith scored 175 of them: Abbr.
  45. 45.Document presented at a graduation ceremony
  46. 46.Saucepan covers
  47. 47.___ Vegas Raiders (NFL team)
  48. 48.Porky or Peppa for example
  49. 49.You may ___ on it (possible response from a Magic 8 Ball)
  50. 50.Banana part you don't eat
  51. 51.1975 Wimbledon winner Arthur
  52. 52.___ reporter (term for a hotshot journalist)
  53. 53.State where Captain Kirk was from on Star Trek
  54. 54.Potato chip brand
  55. 55.Loki star Hiddleston
  56. 56.___ out (choose not to participate)
  57. 57.Wood for whiskey barrels
  58. 58.___-Magnon (early human)
  59. 59.Lightning ___ (image on the Flash's costume)
  60. 60.Shoe bottoms
  61. 61.Chamber drawn by an architect
  62. 62.Boat-steering aid
  63. 63.Casino game that rhymes with Reno
  64. 64.The Boy Is ___ (1998 hit by Brandy and Monica)
  65. 65.County festival
  66. 66.Excuse me ___ (polite way to get a man's attention)
  67. 67.Out of danger
  68. 68.And more unnamed people: 2 wds.
  69. 69.Oscar-winning The Help actress who has struggled with dyslexia: 2 wds.

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