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  1. 1.Of little ___ use (practically worthless): 2 wds.
  2. 2.Traditional or Roth ___ (retirement options)
  3. 3.Removes a blockage from
  4. 4.British room with a toilet
  5. 5.Place to get a round of drinks
  6. 6.___ Spumante wine
  7. 7.Many art school sketches of models
  8. 8.An usher might lead you by it
  9. 9.Judas Priest singer Halford
  10. 10.Previously
  11. 11.Dentist in The Hangover played by Ed Helms
  12. 12.Baseball's Gehrig or Brock
  13. 13.Stick with a toothpick
  14. 14.Word before parmigiana and marsala on Italian menus
  15. 15.___ punk (music genre of Sublime)
  16. 16.Color associated with Valentine's Day
  17. 17.Knightly title
  18. 18.Singer Rita
  19. 19.Gives the thumbs-up to
  20. 20.Hallowed
  21. 21.Take suddenly
  22. 22.Pitches for products
  23. 23.By way of
  24. 24.Practice uppercuts and jabs
  25. 25.Superhero dad who's married to Elastigirl: 2 wds.
  26. 26.Convenience outside a Chase Bank: Abbr.
  27. 27.2018 boxing sequel featuring Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone: 2 wds.
  28. 28.Container that coffee may be served from
  29. 29.___ out a living (barely gets by)
  30. 30.Ready ___ go!
  31. 31.Make invisible as a ship on Star Trek
  32. 32.Information that could be breaking
  33. 33.Place for a relaxing few hours
  34. 34.Seize
  35. 35.Federal agent looking for drugs
  36. 36.___ live and breathe!: 2 wds.
  37. 37.Country singer McEntire
  38. 38.A house or a car for example financially
  39. 39.Do needlework
  40. 40.Organization overseeing March Madness: Abbr.
  41. 41.___ and turn (have trouble sleeping)
  42. 42.Stark naked
  43. 43.Only artist to have a #1 hit on any Billboard chart in six consecutive decades
  44. 44.___ a hand (give help)
  45. 45.More uncommon
  46. 46.Small ___ advisory (weather warning for boaters)
  47. 47.Unit equal to approximately 1.6 kilometers
  48. 48.Omnipotent being
  49. 49.Item caught by a lacrosse stick
  50. 50.Rocker Bowie
  51. 51.Now playing ___ theater near you!: 2 wds.
  52. 52.Country south of Canada: Abbr.
  53. 53.Rise ___ shine!
  54. 54.Count who terrorizes the Baudelaire children in the Lemony Snicket books
  55. 55.Uncle ___ (American icon)
  56. 56.___ off (launch into the air)
  57. 57.Simone of jazz
  58. 58.Monster wrapped up in bandages
  59. 59.Largest suburb of Phoenix
  60. 60.Event hosts: Abbr.
  61. 61.Figure skating feat that involves spinning in midair
  62. 62.Former President of the United States who received a Rhodes Scholarship in 1968: 2 wds.
  63. 63.Open ___ night (event at a comedy club)
  64. 64.Superhero dad who was the title character on a 2018-2021 CW show: 2 wds.
  65. 65.Hockey hooligan
  66. 66.Operating system for many Samsung phones
  67. 67.James Bond or Jason Bourne for example
  68. 68.Sitcom actress Gilbert
  69. 69.Sports event when postponed by bad weather
  70. 70.End of the witching hour
  71. 71.Fuel that powers most cars
  72. 72.Start bubbling on a stove burner
  73. 73.Far from little
  74. 74.Filling station fuel
  75. 75.Title dog in 1974 and 2018 movies
  76. 76.Antagonist
  77. 77.Current Secretary of Transportation who received a Rhodes Scholarship in 2005: 2 wds.
  78. 78.Tunneled into the ground
  79. 79.Detective Pikachu actor Watanabe
  80. 80.Lacking spice
  81. 81.Channel that Jake Tapper reports for
  82. 82.Car
  83. 83.Sound pollution
  84. 84.Potent ingredient in a mojito
  85. 85.The Empire Strikes Back character who initially meets Luke Skywalker on Dagobah
  86. 86.Road such as 66 in a famous song: Abbr.
  87. 87.Jennings who guest-hosted Jeopardy! in January and February
  88. 88.Bit of comedy like a one-liner
  89. 89.Give the performers a hand
  90. 90.Call for help
  91. 91.Norway's only city with more than 500 000 people
  92. 92.Kid who plays pranks
  93. 93.Setting for a major sports event
  94. 94.Miles ___ gallon
  95. 95.Member of the British nobility who's ranked higher than a baron
  96. 96.Boise's state
  97. 97.___ the ramparts . . . (words from the US national anthem)
  98. 98.Make simpler
  99. 99.Friends
  100. 100.Superhero dad who's the leader of the Fantastic Four: 2 wds.
  101. 101.Nabisco cookie with a lickable center
  102. 102.Lovato with the hit Give Your Heart a Break
  103. 103.Sword sometimes used to open champagne bottles
  104. 104.No-good person or a breakfast food that's gone rotten: 2 wds.
  105. 105.Former governor of Louisiana who received a Rhodes Scholarship in 1992: 2 wds.
  106. 106.Network of The Real World
  107. 107.Extra feature bundled into a purchase: Hyph.
  108. 108.Burst of wind
  109. 109.TED Radio Hour broadcaster
  110. 110.Murder-mystery board game
  111. 111.You Sang to Me singer ___ Anthony
  112. 112.Prefix meaning against
  113. 113.Captain in Moby-Dick
  114. 114.Willie who slugged 660 homers
  115. 115.Goes up like a hot-air balloon
  116. 116.Unrefined metal
  117. 117.Positive response in Paris
  118. 118.Oculus ___ (VR headset)
  119. 119.Houston baseball player
  120. 120.Large bovines that might pull a heavy cart
  121. 121.Spokeslizard for Geico insurance
  122. 122.Stimpy's partner in 1990s cartoons
  123. 123.Hall of Fame catcher Rodríguez
  124. 124.Male chum in slang
  125. 125.Atom that isn't neutral
  126. 126.Sources of coal
  127. 127.Comedy style based on ad-libbing for short
  128. 128.Drop the Mic channel
  129. 129.Same old same old activities
  130. 130.Humor magazine that was a competitor of Cracked
  131. 131.___ system (Earth's place)

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