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  1. 1.Website selling lots of homemade face masks
  2. 2.Piglet's bear friend
  3. 3.Raise, like children
  4. 4.Merchandise ID scanned by a cashier: Abbr.
  5. 5.Senators pitcher who was inducted in the first Hall of Fame ceremony: 2 wds.
  6. 6."___ on a Grecian Urn” (Keats poem)
  7. 7.Barely noticeable, like hard-to-read letters
  8. 8.Patrol-car alerts: Abbr.
  9. 9.He ran against Bush in 2000
  10. 10.Every ___ and cranny
  11. 11.Room's floor covering
  12. 12.Flow with great force
  13. 13.Tehran's country
  14. 14.Longtime advice columnist Landers
  15. 15.Pirates shortstop who was inducted in the first Baseball Hall of Fame ceremony in 1939: 2 wds.
  16. 16.Get hitched
  17. 17.Cry very hard
  18. 18.Strong order at Starbucks
  19. 19.Dark-skinned root vegetable
  20. 20.Back of the neck
  21. 21.Having a talent for painting
  22. 22.Strong cleaning compounds
  23. 23.Easy to handle, as a horse
  24. 24.Priest's young assistant: 2 wds.
  25. 25.On behalf of
  26. 26.Number of people needed to play chess
  27. 27.Cow's comment
  28. 28.Currier & ___ (printmaking company)
  29. 29.Street or avenue
  30. 30.US ___ (tennis tournament in Queens, New York)
  31. 31.Army officers between majors and generals
  32. 32.Part of the skin that can get clogged
  33. 33.Hard-to-please actress
  34. 34.Covert ___ (spy missions)
  35. 35.Thurman of the "Kill Bill” films
  36. 36.Mistake in printing
  37. 37.Greek letter that looks like an H
  38. 38."___ la vie!” (French expression meaning "That's life!”)
  39. 39.Airplane's walkway
  40. 40.Fearsome dinosaur: 2 wds., abbr.
  41. 41.Utter aloud
  42. 42.Electric ___ (fish that can stun their prey)
  43. 43.Amount after taxes
  44. 44.At the front of a line
  45. 45.Birthstone for many Libras
  46. 46.___ shoes (ballerina's footwear)
  47. 47.Apple tablet
  48. 48.Actor Epps of "House”
  49. 49.Nightclothes, for short
  50. 50.Spelling of "90210”
  51. 51.Company in the 1998 rom-com "You've Got Mail”
  52. 52.Attack from a wasp
  53. 53.Indians center fielder who was inducted in the first Hall of Fame ceremony: 2 wds.
  54. 54.Jay-Z's music
  55. 55.Wicked
  56. 56.Pay-per-___
  57. 57.___ off (stop browsing online)
  58. 58.First name of the host of MSNBC's "Velshi”
  59. 59.Weather in a whiteout
  60. 60.Premiere performance
  61. 61.Spans of history

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