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  1. 1.Straight-A students 4.0: Abbr.
  2. 2.White condiment for short
  3. 3.Thank you for the church donation!: 2 wds.
  4. 4.Charlie Parkers horn for short
  5. 5.Little annoyances
  6. 6.Transportation company thats often been opposed by taxi companies
  7. 7.His Gods Country won the 2019 CMA for Single of the Year: 2 wds.
  8. 8.Knightley of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies
  9. 9.Type of party without women
  10. 10.Martial arts master Bruce
  11. 11.___ Artest (former name of Metta World Peace)
  12. 12.___ the first thing that comes to mind
  13. 13.___ carte menu: 2 wds.
  14. 14.Number in a duo
  15. 15.Unscrew as a jars lid
  16. 16.Black ___ Sun (Soundgarden song)
  17. 17.The Dance country singer who won the 2019 CMA for Entertainer of the Year: 2 wds.
  18. 18.Yes on Talk Like a Pirate Day
  19. 19.___ Tesfaye (real name of singer The Weeknd)
  20. 20.Touch on the shoulder
  21. 21.Space aliens ship: Abbr.
  22. 22.Hot sauce that shares its name with a Mexican state
  23. 23.Fluid on a dipstick
  24. 24.Innovative thought
  25. 25.Gatherings with burgers and brats
  26. 26.Stat for a turntables speed: Abbr.
  27. 27.So-called brains of a computer: Abbr.
  28. 28.University sports regulator: Abbr.
  29. 29.___ 1 Imports
  30. 30.___-cone (shaved-ice treat)
  31. 31.Hot guy or a type of earring
  32. 32.1983 comedy with Michael Keaton as a stay-at-home dad: 2 wds.
  33. 33.Major airline with an Atlanta hub
  34. 34.Not bonkers
  35. 35.Convention center trade show for short
  36. 36.Big brass instrument
  37. 37.___ Disney Resort (original name of Disneyland Paris)
  38. 38.Last name of John Lennons widow
  39. 39.Salami or pastrami for example
  40. 40.Care to put some money on it?: 2 wds.
  41. 41.Crows cry
  42. 42.Internet dating site since 2000
  43. 43.All the chips in a poker game
  44. 44.SEAL Team network
  45. 45.Company that popularized instant messaging in the 1990s
  46. 46.The Joy Luck Club author Amy
  47. 47.Benicio who starred in Sicario: Day of the Soldado: 2 wds.
  48. 48.Locker room linen
  49. 49.Airplane ___ (iPhone setting)
  50. 50.Uncoordinated fool
  51. 51.Fired off like an email
  52. 52.Shoots an average score in golf
  53. 53.Her Girl won the 2019 CMA for Album of the Year: 2 wds.
  54. 54.Cardboard item in the middle of a roll of toilet paper
  55. 55.___-a-dope (boxing strategy)
  56. 56.Apportion
  57. 57.Little drink of alcohol

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