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  1. 1.Vehicle for a rock band thats on the road: 2 wds.
  2. 2.Fry in a pan
  3. 3.Online messages
  4. 4.___ your time (wait patiently)
  5. 5.Modern equivalent of sweetie or honey
  6. 6.Garland for someone vacationing in Hawaii
  7. 7.Not barefoot
  8. 8.Cry of enlightenment
  9. 9.Stuff in smokers trays
  10. 10.Sopranos big number
  11. 11.Bad Boys actor who played Marcuss friend Tyler Hawkins in Boomerang: 2 wds.
  12. 12.Almost straight up and down as a cliff
  13. 13.Help! signal
  14. 14.Synonym and rhyme for grab
  15. 15.Six-foot Australian bird
  16. 16.Health resorts
  17. 17.Comic actor Corddry
  18. 18.Religious subgroups
  19. 19.Pop vocalist Aimee or keyboardist Manfred
  20. 20.Whats Love Got to Do With It vocalist Turner
  21. 21.Like footage that hasnt been edited yet
  22. 22.Small salamander
  23. 23.Trading Places actor who played ad executive Marcus Graham in 1992s Boomerang: 2 wds.
  24. 24.Whoop-de-___!
  25. 25.Stave off as a crisis
  26. 26.Asian country whose capital is Kathmandu
  27. 27.Dr. Evil to Austin Powers
  28. 28.Vehicle that might have a kickstand
  29. 29.Film critic Roger who died in 2013
  30. 30.Big hunk of meat
  31. 31.Celebrity whos revered by millions
  32. 32.Emanation at a landfill
  33. 33.Everything is falling ___ place
  34. 34.This ___ good sign (Im optimistic): 2 wds.
  35. 35.Shop til you drop trip
  36. 36.Chew noisily
  37. 37.___ salt (condiment that comes from the ocean)
  38. 38.Abbreviation before a 32-Across
  39. 39.Wrestling maneuver
  40. 40.Pull as a water-skier
  41. 41.Its ___ or nothing
  42. 42.Group that may call a strike
  43. 43.Corporation in Road Runner cartoons
  44. 44.Racetrack circuit
  45. 45.Airport shuttles
  46. 46.Criminals assumed name
  47. 47.Demolition compound: Abbr.
  48. 48.___ on the wrist (minor punishment)
  49. 49.Juan Peróns first lady in Argentina in the 1940s
  50. 50.Tackle the quarterback for a loss
  51. 51.Little Women director Gerwig
  52. 52.Fencing sword with a French name
  53. 53.Switched at Birth actress Thompson
  54. 54.Mooses cousin
  55. 55.Now ___ this! (Listen up!)
  56. 56.___ Drago (Rockys opponent in Rocky IV)
  57. 57.Where Diamond Head and Waikiki are
  58. 58.Tim whos the CEO of Apple
  59. 59.Words spoken by the bride and groom: 2 wds.
  60. 60.Performs a tune
  61. 61.Woman without a mother in Christianity
  62. 62.Tooth that grinds
  63. 63.Sobs
  64. 64.Bridesmaids actress Kristen
  65. 65.A Rage in Harlem actress who played Marcuss boss Jacqueline Broyer in Boomerang: 2 wds.
  66. 66.Celebratory poem
  67. 67.Bean curd used in vegan dishes

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