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  1. 1.Grain on a European island
  2. 2.Can county include note that's flammable?
  3. 3.Took a picture, including an animal
  4. 4.Sudden burp, awkward in a tenor
  5. 5.Expensive little extremities on part of church
  6. 6.Performing raid gets worker beaming
  7. 7.Trendy remedy connected to head shows wrong quality
  8. 8.A trio lied about leader
  9. 9.Musical removed top style
  10. 10.Make box to contain energy
  11. 11.Kill time, be authoritative, waste time
  12. 12.Long craft sent back out for air passage
  13. 13.Last character incorporated a bit of brass
  14. 14.Liking to overshadow a celestial event
  15. 15.Gag earns new stove
  16. 16.Charge for ring
  17. 17.Quiet boy accepts current tartan
  18. 18.Remove new stand behind college
  19. 19.Record lions' fluctuating character
  20. 20.Expressed displeasure about soldier having danced
  21. 21.A year around priest, spreading harshness
  22. 22.Travels fast, then explodes
  23. 23.Possible way to repel a shark? Got it in one!
  24. 24.A pub returned CIA order for some coffee
  25. 25.Bad-tempered when calibre is wrong
  26. 26.Glide around, left of the sun
  27. 27.Headache remedy I store outside church
  28. 28.Willing to indicate being on the verge of victory

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