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  1. 1.Appliance used after a washer
  2. 2.Mix with a straw
  3. 3.Holier-than-thou
  4. 4.World's best-selling tablet computer
  5. 5.Very uncertain
  6. 6.Bird from Down Under whose eggs resemble avocados
  7. 7.2012 Ang Lee film about a shipwrecked boy and tiger: 3 wds.
  8. 8.Out of bounds in softball
  9. 9.Rugby official for short
  10. 10.Make illegal
  11. 11.White part of bacon
  12. 12.Insects drawn to flames
  13. 13.Sufficiently skilled
  14. 14.Carve with acid
  15. 15.Either end of a magnet
  16. 16.With 44-Across
  17. 17.___ I Wanna Do (Sheryl Crow hit)
  18. 18.Calf's call
  19. 19.Put on ___ (act snooty)
  20. 20.Feel fluish say
  21. 21.Palo ___ (California city near Stanford)
  22. 22.Letters on a bottle of sunscreen
  23. 23.Place to deposit a check
  24. 24.Chicken ___ king (creamy dish): 2 wds.
  25. 25.Smile that could look evil
  26. 26.It was more than ___ chance
  27. 27.Rodents in lab mazes
  28. 28.Clenched hand
  29. 29.2019 Ang Lee film about a sniper who is targeted by a young clone of himself: 2 wds.
  30. 30.Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps actor LaBeouf
  31. 31.Act over-theatrically
  32. 32.Unprocessed metal
  33. 33.90210 actress Spelling
  34. 34.Ornamental vase in a garden
  35. 35.Rise of the Planet of the ___ (2011 movie)
  36. 36.Audio or video recording
  37. 37.Roll that a hot dog's served in
  38. 38.See 35-Across
  39. 39.Nordic country bordering Norway and Finland
  40. 40.Yellow spread sold in sticks
  41. 41.Last full season in a calendar year
  42. 42.Walk like a peacock
  43. 43.Eye part around the pupil
  44. 44.Large pans with rounded bottoms
  45. 45.Witch's potion
  46. 46.Homophone of bye
  47. 47.Ingredient in vitamin capsules
  48. 48.Piece of wood in a deck chair
  49. 49.___ a jungle out there!
  50. 50.American ___! (animated show whose title character is Stan Smith)
  51. 51.Fully ready
  52. 52.Coming soon ___ theater near you!: 2 wds.
  53. 53.Modest response to a compliment: 2 wds.
  54. 54.Mature male deer
  55. 55.Soup that is considered Vietnam's national dish
  56. 56.Metric ___ (1000 kg or 2204.62 lb)
  57. 57.___ your horses! (Be patient!)
  58. 58.Neglect to include
  59. 59.Smallest dollar bills
  60. 60.Work on Project Runway for example
  61. 61.Colorful items in an Easter basket
  62. 62.Part of a band's tour
  63. 63.Step on a stepladder
  64. 64.Busy insect
  65. 65.Implement that might leak ink
  66. 66.Somewhere ___ (not here)

About Crosswords with Friends

Zynga is a huge social gaming brand that develops exciting mobile games and apps. One of the most amazing mobile games it has released is ‘’Crosswords with Friends’’. Although it sounds like you can play it with your friends, unfortunately that is not the case. It is a single player crossword mobile game. The only way you can play with other people is when you participate in tournaments.

Crosswords with Friends is a must have crossword puzzle game for crossword junkies. It is one of the few puzzle games that presents a new crossword puzzle each day. Zynga has collaborated with the People’s Magazine to bring you this newest and interactive mobile crossword game. According to Zynga, Crossword with Friends is the first daily puzzle game which is inspired by the most recent news and happenings in entertainment, news and pop culture. Many crosswords puzzles are based on entertainment, movies, cartoons and TV shows. Many crossword puzzles are also derived from People Magazine content for example, World’s Most Beautiful, Red Carpet, and Celebrity News.

Crosswords with Friends is a huge hit with mobile users. The app has been downloaded over 1 million times at Google Play Store. It is completely free to download and takes just 2 minutes to register. Each day, you will be presented with a new exciting crossword puzzle. The puzzles are easy in the beginning, and as your level goes up, so does the difficulty level of the game. There are several promotions in the game such as Movie Monday, TV Tuesday, Top 40 Thursday, Smarty-pants Saturday etc. Please note that there are advertisements appearing in the game which are not too frequent.

Crosswords with Friends can be played by anyone. It is perfect for children and teenagers alike. Solving a crossword puzzle every day is sure to increase your knowledge (feeling stuck? find Crosswords with friends answers with us!). Although the game can be addictive, there are limits to play the game. You will be awarded coins or stars upon solving a puzzle. For more crossword puzzles, you will need additional stars. You can gain more stars by doing various tasks such as solving the puzzles in a certain time and watching ads. These stars help you solve puzzles when you get stuck. You can also buy stars with real money but that is absolutely not required.

If you are a crossword lover, then you must give Crosswords with Friends a try. It is absolutely free and you can play it easily on your iOS or Android device. The app is quite small and doesn’t take much space. It is one of the best mobile games for brain. Solve a crossword puzzle each day and feel smarter!

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