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  1. 1.exterminators Tool
  2. 2.exciting, Nerve-shredding Event
  3. 3.relating To High Mountains
  4. 4.u.s. Punk Rockers With Song Titled American Idiot
  5. 5.suspend, As In A Court Case
  6. 6.uconn Basketball Team
  7. 7.calls The Same Number Again
  8. 8.meat Patties Cooked On Barbecues, Served In Buns
  9. 9.northernmost Country In Africa
  10. Flight Control
  11. 11.people-powered Taxis
  12. 12.grooming Tool For Locks
  13. 13.jim __; Police Commissioner Of Gotham City
  14. 14.table Tennis
  15. 15.special Skill
  16. 16.frozen, Treeless Ground, Like The Arctic
  17. 17.sports Drink, Created At The University Of Florida
  18. 18.personal Security Officer
  19. 19.undergoes The Process Of Sugar Changing To Alcohol
  20. 20.the __; Tv Series About Italian-american Mobsters
  21. 21.flagrant, Obvious
  22. 22.controversial Pop Culture Magazine, __ Fair
  23. 23.broken Bit Of Road That Needs Filling
  24. 24.males Of This Aquatic Species Give Birth
  25. 25.the Gopher State
  26. 26.form A Theory About Something Without Evidence
  27. 27.unlucky
  28. 28.boundary Between States Or Countries
  29. 29.u.s. City Named For The Wife Of King George Iii
  30. 30.small Envelope Of Fire Sticks
  31. 31.permanent Body Ink
  32. 32.short Sock
  33. 33.fixed, Upholstered Bench Seat
  34. 34.fictitious Place Of Untold Gold And Wealth
  35. 35.singers J. Balvin And Shakira Both Come From Here
  36. 36.1820 Slavery Issue Document: __ Compromise
  37. Eddy, Vortex Or Waterspout
  38. 38.jupiters Second Largest Moon
  39. 39.field Of Expertise, Occupation, Trade
  40. 40.careful And Judicious
  41. 41.knives And Forks
  42. 42.frank Lloyd Wrights Profession
  43. Of The Novel For Whom The Bell Tolls
  44. 44.fastest Woman Ever, Flo Jo, Florence __
  45. 45.backup Power Source In A Building
  46. 46.motor Vehicle With Four Wheels And Handlebars
  47. 47.the Worlds Largest Lizard: __ Dragon
  48. 48.reading Disorder
  49. 49.smooth And Shiny
  50. 50.someones True Identity Concealed
  51. 51.prince Williams Royal Title: Duke Of __
  52. 52.class Of Warm-blooded Animals
  53. 53.gland That Secretes Digestive Enzymes
  54. 54.islands, And Species Of Alligator
  55. 55.mat-based Game With Colorful Spots And Contortion
  56. 56.womans Shirt Neckline That Hangs In Draped Folds
  57. Game Featuring Famous Nintendo Brothers
  58. 58.skip Like A Horse
  59. 59.the Name Of The Donkey In Winnie The Pooh
  60. 60.early Years
  61. 61.confound Or Complicate
  62. 62.official Language Of Bahrain
  63. 63.feeling Tired And Sluggish
  64. 64.don __, Mozart Opera About Don Juan
  65. Of The Silent World: Jacques __
  66. 66.tropical Trees Cultivated For Small Sweet Fruits
  67. 67.slang Term For Keen Bird Watchers
  68. 68.withdrew
  69. 69.pomegranate Syrup Used In Cocktails
  70. 70.jumpsuit Or Playsuit
  71. 71.glands That Secrete Hormones Into The Bloodstream
  72. 72.charitable Gift
  73. 73.watching Someone Covertly
  74. 74.particularly Articulate
  75. 75.carried Out Or Introduced Gradually
  76. 76.official In A Financial Building
  77. 77.conning
  78. 78.type Of Medication Used To Treat Water Retention
  79. 79.dc Comics Feline Antiheroine
  80. 80.brininess, Essence Of Sodium Chloride
  81. 81.surgical Cut
  82. 82.flower Shop Workers Who Make Bouquets
  83. 83.japanese Manga Character From Mighty Atom Series
  84. From Obligation
  85. 85.rare Loss Of Ability To Recognize Sensory Stimuli
  86. 86.sled With A Curved Front
  87. 87.emergency Medical Technician
  88. Units Of Energy
  89. 89.__ Conventions, The Rulebook In War
  90. 90.exercise Machine With A Never-ending Belt
  91. 91.split A Restaurant Bill Equally
  92. 92.cons Someone
  93. 93.danny Tanner Is The Patriarch On This Show
  94. 94.cattle Breeds With Lengthy White Protrusions
  95. 95.astronomical Term For The Explosion Of A Star
  96. 96.connective Tissue In The Body, Like Ears & Nose
  97. 97.supreme Incan Being, Creator Of Sun And Moon
  98. 98.bending One Knee To The Ground As Sign Of Respect
  99. Against Burned Skin
  100. 100.comfy Living Room Seat
  101. 101.birth Country Of The Discoverer Of Penicillin
  102. 102.fungus Found On Plants
  103. 103.chases
  104. 104.dried Plums
  105. 105.goddess Of Agriculture And Mother Of Persephone
  106. 106.spotted, Viewed
  107. 107.distressed, Flustered
  108. 108.caribbean Country With A Trident On Its Flag
  109. 109.gathering For Fans Of Graphic Novels
  110. Cocktail With Japanese Rice Wine
  111. 111.bargain, Haggle, Cut A Deal
  112. 112.italian Starter, With Cured Meat And Olives
  113. 113.the Sale Of Goods To The Public In Small Amounts
  114. 114.dried, Cured Strips Of Southern African Beef
  115. Individual Spot Of Precipitation
  116. 116.interlinked Rings Of Metal Forming Flexible Armor
  117. 117.rapper Gunned Down In Vegas: Tupac __
  118. Comes After Summer And Before Winter
  119. 119.a Place Visited By Peace Seekers
  120. 120.__ Novels; Books Based Around Comic Strips
  121. That Mentions Father Mckenzie: __ Rigby
  122. 122.leafy Salad Plant Also Called Chicory
  123. 123.birds With Webbed Feet Such As Ducks And Swans
  124. 124.belief In Or Acceptance Of Something As True
  125. 125.cover A Piece Of Paper With Plastic
  126. 126.__ Cap, Work Boots That Protect On Building Sites
  127. 127.second-most Populous City In Australia
  128. 128.charles Darwin Was One
  129. 129.french War Leader, Commander Of The National Guard
  130. 130.keep Out Of Sight, Avoid Detection
  131. 131.wandered Without Urgency
  132. 132.calvins Stuffed Tiger Sidekick
  133. Mythical Monster
  134. Of The Republic Of Macedonia
  135. 135.brightest Star In The Earths Night Sky
  136. 136.interrupt Someones Attention Span
  137. 137.quarrel, Dispute, Altercation
  138. 138.exit Hatch In The Floor
  139. 139.nobel Had A Blast With This Invention
  140. 140.floating Frozen Sheet Attached To Land
  141. Drawings Of A Buildings Structure
  142. 142.blemish, Nevus
  143. Tool Featured In American Gothic
  144. 144.buttery Half Moon-shaped Bread
  145. 145.the __, French Museum, Purchased Kahlos The Frame
  146. 146.causes Suffering
  147. 147.italian City In Massa, Known For Marble
  148. 148.shoulder Blade
  149. 149.first Actor On The Cover Of Time Magazine
  150. 150.long Line Of Related Rulers

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