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  1. 1.homerun With The Bases Loaded
  2. 2.leave Something To Someone In A Will
  3. To Where The Boxing Action Takes Place
  4. 4.only Living Cats That Belong To The Acinonyx Genus
  5. 5.lustrous, Glowing, Luminous
  6. 6.musical About Elphaba, The Witch
  7. 7.admission Charge
  8. 8.inflammation Of The Substance Of A Bone
  9. 9.__ Years War, Bloody European Conflict, 1618-48
  10. 10.composed And Standing Ready
  11. 11.brand Known For Evaporated Milk, Also A Flower
  12. 12.__ Presley, Daughter Of Elvis
  13. 13.bittersweet Drink Made From Yellow Citrus
  14. 14.venetian Boats
  15. 15.the Danube Bisects This City
  16. Group; Breeds Work With Sheep And Cattle
  17. Where The Novel Birth Of Venus Takes Place
  18. 18.demolished
  19. 19.air Mostly Contains This Chemical Element
  20. 20.butter Substitute
  21. 21.le __, Daily Tabloid Based In French Capital
  22. 22.avian Abode
  23. 23.overnight Flight
  24. 24.swipe, Match, Chat Dating App
  25. 25.inflammation Of The Intestines
  26. 26.internet Bullies Who Comment Maliciously
  27. 27.stupidity
  28. Absurd Self-contradiction
  29. 29.kinds Of Animals Studied By An Entomologist
  30. 30.two-wheeled Upright Scooter
  31. 31.taking Into Account
  32. 32.koh Samui Island Is This Countrys 2nd Largest
  33. 33.flexible Plastic-bladed Tool For Scraping Up Food
  34. 34.describes Substances That Are Harmful, Poisonous
  35. 35.astrological Sign With A Bull As Its Symbol
  36. 36.roman Racing Carts
  37. 37.mark With Absolute Precision Or Accuracy
  38. 38.highest Mountain In Antarctica: __ Massif
  39. 39.salt Used To Dry Out Bodies Before Mummification
  40. 40.examination Of A Body To Find Cause Of Death
  41. 41.ballet Spin On One Foot
  42. Indian Curry Dish
  43. 43.moderator, Middle Person, Peacemaker
  44. 44.sliver Of A Moon, Seen Early In A Lunar Month
  45. 45.not An Imitation
  46. 46.florence Museum, Formerly A Medieval Fortress
  47. 47.most Abundant Metal In The Earths Crust
  48. Of The Ingredients In Nutella
  49. 49.the Study Of Wines
  50. 50.psychedilc Rock Band, The Wall
  51. 51.joins In On
  52. 52.detector Of Lies
  53. 53.mongol Empire Capital And Silk Road Settlement
  54. 54.this River And Tributaries Run Through S. America
  55. 55.athletes Warmup Outfit
  56. 56.egyptian Hippo Goddess, Stands On Two Feet
  57. 57.six-legged Animal
  58. 58.former Church, Then Mosque, Now A Museum: Hagia __
  59. 59.venomous Pit Viper Snake
  60. 60.architect Of The Pyramid Of Zoser
  61. 61.the Two __, Double Self-portrait By Kahlo
  62. 62.a Possible Characteristic Of The Quarantined
  63. 63.not Lacking In Confidence
  64. Agave Alcohol Made In Mexico
  65. 65.high Singing Voice
  66. 66.exercise Done Face Down, Moving Away From The Floor
  67. 67.precious Blue Stone
  68. 68.largest Canary Island; Has Spains Highest Peak
  69. 69.largest City In French-speaking Switzerland
  70. 70.kate Hudsons Also Actress Mother, __ Hawn
  71. 71.dense Growth Of Bushes And Trees
  72. 72.piece Of Fabric For Drying Off Plates
  73. 73.euphoric
  74. 74.island Off Coast Of Africa, Tanzanian Archipelago
  75. 75.watery Air Transport Invented By Henri Fabre
  76. Floor Of An Apartment Building
  77. 77.hugged Or Held Close
  78. 78.americans Supporting Britain During The Revolution
  79. 79.hopping, Long-eared Mammal
  80. 80.king Of Babylon And Creator Of A Code Of Law
  81. 81.north London Football Club, Or Weapons Stash
  82. Specialty Of World Cup Winner Lindsey Vonn
  83. 83.type Of Paper Placed Between Sheets To Make Copies
  84. 84.battle That Ended The American Revolution
  85. 85.runners Who Exercise At A Relatively Steady Pace
  86. 86.deep Cracks In The Earths Surface
  87. 87.cartoon Character That Wears Square Pants
  88., Swirled Liquid
  89. 89.gladiator-slave, Led An Uprising Against The Romans
  90. 90.the Former Female Singer Of The Black Eyed Peas
  91. 91.fight Club And Troy Actor
  92. 92.not A Realistic Option
  93. 93.water Vessel Propelled By Fabric On A Mast
  94. 94.the Breaking Up Of A Group Or Crowd
  95. 95.heathland Fruit, An Accompaniment To Roast Turkey
  96. 96.paleontology Is The Study Of These
  97. 97.two-wheel Passenger Cart, Originally Used In Japan
  98. 98.moses __, Small Crib For Newborn
  99. 99.pretty Woman Star, Julia __
  100. 100.a Decorative Twisted Braid
  101. 101.alcohol
  102. That The Ancient Romans Gave To Scotland
  103. 103.price Of A Plane Ticket
  104. System Abolished By The French Assembly
  105. 105.remove All Luggage From Ones Suitcases
  106. 106.a Bangle, Worn On The Wrist
  107. 107.asian Armored Anteater
  108. 108.crippling Tissue Inflammation In A Horses Hoof
  109. 109.steal Money From A Company Or Organization
  110. 110.wearable Gas-powered Flying Device
  111. 111.mocking, Scornful, Scathing
  112. 112.this Film Is Set On One Of Pandoras Moons
  113. 113.identifying Travel Document
  114. 114.tarnished, Damaged
  115. 115.goddess To Whom The Parthenon Was Dedicated
  116. 116.a Football Result Such As 1-1, 2-2 Or 3-3 Etc
  117. 117.absolute __, A Despotic Form Of Government
  118. 118.inflammation Of Fluid-filled Sacs At The Joints
  119. 119.steeping; E.g. Putting Fruit Into Water
  120. 120.absorbent, Spongelike, Porous
  121. 121.rough, Jarring, Grating
  122. Italian, It Means "in The Open Air"
  123. 123.celebratory Hand Gesture
  124. Governed By A Small Group
  125. 125.covering A Wide Area
  126. Of Seasonal Natural Phenomena
  127. 127.ancient Olympic Foot Race
  128. 128.misshapen, Distorted, Monstrous
  129. 129.shakespeares Play With A Character Named Banquo
  130. 130.a Countrys Monetary Unit
  131. 131.alluring Female Bunny In Who Framed Roger Rabbit
  132. Rose From The Ashes
  133. 133.consulate Office
  134. 134.intellectual Property Denoted By Tm
  135. That Won The Triple Crown In 2018
  136. Of Cultivating And Selling Blooms
  137. 137.nuns Headgear
  138. Where Mahathir Mohamad Was Prime Minister
  139. 139.receptacles For Stubbing Out Cigarettes
  140. Key That Allows One To Delete
  141. 141.ancient Persian Kings: Darius I And His Son __
  142. 142.saint __, Expensive 6th District Of Paris
  143. 143.medieval Weapon Also Used To Hurl Objects
  144. 144.__, Ny: A Frequent Summer Retreat For Mark Twain
  145. Crown A Sovereign
  146. 146.japanese Dish Of Batter-dipped, Deep-fried Veggies
  147. 147.jurassic World Is Inhabited By Them
  148. 148.relating To The Body
  149. 149.first Emperor Of Rome
  150. 150.go To Website For Movie And Tv Reviews: Rotten __

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