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  1. 1.nocturnal Snake-like Fish That Hides In Crevices
  3. 3.french High-kicking Stage Dance
  4. 4.pretended, Falsified
  5. 5.abdominal Organs
  6. 6.mocks, Ridicules
  7. 7.equality
  8. 8.condensed Water Floating In The Sky
  9. 9.a Group That Promotes A Common Interest
  10. 10.borderline Was This Singers First Top-10 Hit
  11. 11.residential Roads
  12. 12.president Of Peoples Republic Of China, 2003-2013
  13. 13.a Design With Repeated Lines And Shapes
  14. 14.its Not Normal
  15. 15.finishing Blow
  16. 16.a Young Waterbird With Webbed Feet
  17. 17.enemy Of Optimus Prime
  18. Scold
  19. 19.lively, Full Of Spirit
  20. 20.a Liquefied Petroleum Gas Used As A Barbecue Fuel
  21. 21.a Corrupted Representation
  22. 22.making A High-pitched Cry, Like A Mouse
  23. 23.__ Del Toro, The Shape Of Water Director
  24. 24.skunk Pig From The Americas
  25. 25.walkway Beneath A Road
  26. 26.encircles, Encompasses
  27. 27.trinidads Sung Genre Mixes Comment And Patois
  28. 28.swear Word, Offensive Language
  29. 29.guess Without Evidence, Assume Or Suppose
  30. 30.vase Occupants
  31. 31.__ Island, Tale Of Buried Booty Marked With An X
  32. 32.reading Carefully, Thoroughly
  33. 33.jack __ Was All Work And No Play In The Shining
  34. 34.filmmaker James Camerons Largest Grossing Film
  35. 35.african Country With The Largest Yoruba Population
  36. 36.where An Apiarists Creatures Live
  37. 37.war Among The Greek Gods
  38. 38.antiquated Term For A Female Behaving Like A Male
  39. 39.fanciful Behavior Or Humor
  40. 40.knick-knacks, Figurines, Baubles And Decorations
  41. 41.non-indexed Computer Networks And Thus Hidden
  42. 42.__ Gains; Spoils From Illegal Activities
  43. Where A Boat Is Anchored
  44. 44.swept-over Mens Hairstyle For Covering Baldness
  45. 45.worried
  46. 46.shutting A Door Loudly
  47. 47.sea-floor Dwellers, Both Eyes On One Side Of Head
  48. 48.roman Charioteer Goddess Atop The Brandenburg Gate
  49. 49.drop A Level, Model Or Class
  50. 50.rod Stewart No.1 Hit Of 1983 About A Past Love
  51. 51.four Squared
  52. 52.last Name Of First U.s. President To Die In Office
  53. 53.mammal That Lays Eggs
  54. 54.block-building Game
  55. 55.regional Capital Of Tuscany
  56. 56.lengthens A Piece Of Elastic Material
  57. 57.the Spire On A Castle
  58. 58.figurines Placed In Ancient Egyptian Tombs
  59. Network Game, With Planting And Harvesting
  60. Of Artfully Placed Stones And Alpine Plants
  61. 61.cold Dish Of Raw Seafood And Citrus
  62. 62.archaic Term Meaning Shortly Afterwards
  63. 63.rid The Body Of Poisons Or Impurities
  64. 64.natives Of Tirana Or Durres, For Example
  65. 65.compliment, Congratulate, Laud
  66. 66.metal Made By Combining 2 Or More Metal Elements
  67. 67.__ And Lemons, Say The Bells Of St Clements
  68. That Uses A Doughboy As Its Mascot
  69. 69.french City Known For Its Production Of Porcelain
  70. 70.underhand, Shifty
  71. 71.canadian City That Hosted The 2010 Winter Olympics
  72. Of Southern California Athletic Teams
  73. 73.person On Trial Accused Of Committing A Crime
  74. 74.floating Unsecured
  75. 75.permeate, Spread Everywhere
  76. 76.u.s. City Nicknamed The City Of Roses
  77. 77.month When Swaziland Celebrates Its Independence
  78. 78.40 In The Italian Language
  79. York Theatreland, The "great White Way"
  80. 80.pieces Of Music Sung By A Man To His Lover
  81. 81.intimidate
  82. 82.waterfall Or Cataract
  83. 83.roman Leader Who Won The Battle Of Actium
  84. 84.principal Wife Of Pharaoh Akhenaten
  85. 85.first Disabled Person To Climb Mt. Everest: Tom __
  86. 86.long-term Glacial Period
  87. 87.prolonged Period Of Hotter Than Average Weather
  88. 88."come Hell Or __", Through Difficult Circumstances
  89. 89.oliver Twist Is One
  90. 90.detailed Navigation Entries, A Nautical Diary
  91. 91.shine It On A Performer
  92. 92.discussed, Politely Argued
  93. 93.ascertain Spoken Word Without Sound
  94. 94.small House
  95. 95.branch Of Medicine Concerned With Brain Injuries
  96. 96.skill, Aptitude, Competence
  97. 97.nepalese City Once Known As Manju-patan
  98. 98.holiness, Spirituality
  99. 99.zebras Are Covered In Black And White Ones
  100. 100.rod-shaped Bacterium
  101. Of Its Nicknames Is The Lion City
  102. 102.falsely Called As An "unlucky" Feline
  103. 103.opponent
  104. 104.pranks
  105. 105.continuous Deep, Resonant Sound, Like Thunder
  106. 106.michelangelos Tuscan Birthplace; A Type Of Salad
  107. 107.not Invited, A Presence That Is Not Wanted
  108. 108.gomez And Morticias Son In The Addams Family
  109. 109.repetitive Movement When Waiting For News
  110. 110.tufts Of Hair That Swirl In Different Directions
  111. 111.mute Character In Traditional Pantomime
  112. Who Is Held Against His/her Will
  113. Music Device For Playing Cassettes
  114. 114.battling On Horseback With Lances
  115. 115.warning Signs
  116. 116.the __, Tolkiens The Lord Of The Rings Part Ii
  117. 117."god Bless America" Composer: Irving __
  118. 118.hardly, Scarcely
  119. 119.someone Forcibly Removed From A Country
  120. Of I, Tonya, Australian Actress Margot __
  121. 121.the Act Of Paying Someone For The Use Of Something
  122. Receptacle For Smokers
  123. 123.painting Technique Done On Wet Plaster On Walls
  124. 124.last U.s. President Assassinated While In Office
  125. 125.the Largest Planet In The Solar System
  126. 126.tall Hat Worn By The Grenadier Guards
  127. 127.north African Capital, Name Means "three Cities"
  128. 128.prison Escape
  129. 129.removes Minerals From The Ground
  130. 130.puppet Created By Carlo Collodi
  131. 131.acrobatic, Fast-paced Brazilian Martial Art
  132. 132.a Cornucopia Symbolizes This
  133. 133.chaos, Unrest
  134. 134.american-born Wife Of Jordans King Hussein
  135. 135.pain In The Mouth
  136. 136.term For Three Consecutive Strikes In Bowling
  137. 137.arrange And Store Documents In Boxes
  138. 138.temporary Substitute
  139. 139.young Aspiring Actress
  140. 140.this Young Girl Grows Up In Beverly Clearys Series
  141. 141.lover Of King Arthurs Wife Guinevere: Sir __
  142. 142.the Statue Of Liberty Sculptor
  143. 143.hole In A Tire
  144. 144.hit With An Open Hand
  145. 145.arthur Read Is This Type Of Animal
  146. 146.thinking Deeply And Unhappily
  147. 147.groups Of Atoms Bonded Together
  148. 148.sincere, Honest, Open
  149. 149.not Just A Game, This Is A Gathering Of Monkeys
  150. 150.flipper Was This Type Of Sea Mammal
  151. Where Frederick The Great Ruled
  152. 152.element With The Chemical Symbol I
  153. 153.__ Weasley, Father Of Ron, Ginny Plus Five More
  154. 154.what Fencers Say When They Touch Blades
  155. 155.northwest __, Sea Route Connects Arctic To Pacific
  156. In A Series Of A Television Show
  157. 157.severe Windy Snowstorm
  158. Golf, Initial Movement When The Club Moves Away
  159. Of The Large Pumping Chambers Of The Heart
  160. 160.baz __, Film Director Of Strictly Ballroom
  161. Trophy Won At The Open Championship
  162. Where Actor Keanu Reeves Was Born
  163. 163.a Shift That Starts At Midnight
  164. 164.naval Ship, Usually Under The Water
  165. 165.more Than One Patella
  166. 166.add-on; Accomplice
  167. 167.fried Desserts With A Hole In The Center
  168. 168.crunchy And Light
  169. Atm Access To Checking Account
  170. 170.codenames, Assumed Names
  171. 171.hitchcock Movie About Spying And Romance In Ww2
  172. 172.julie Newmar Played This Villainess
  173. 173.harsh-tempered Or Overbearing Woman
  174. 174.put Money Into A Business
  175. 175.white Dwarf Star That Emits Radiation
  176. 176.restrictive Undergarment
  177. 177.twist And Turn
  178. 178.beethovens Opera About A Wife Freeing Her Husband
  179. 179.mark Twain Novel: The Prince And The __
  180. 180.object Or Idea That Becomes An Obsession
  181. 181.standard Layout On English-language Keyboards
  182. 182.isole __; Italian Archipelago In The Adriatic Sea
  183. 183.places Where Apples Are Grown
  184. Liqueur Created With Jamaican Rum
  185. 185.talking Or Behaving Suggestively, Coyly
  186. Rights On Inventions
  187. 187.once Called Catherine Archipelago, The __ Islands
  188. 188.the Lion, The Witch And The __; Book By C.s. Lewis
  189. 189.he Wrote Charlie And The Chocolate Factory
  190. 190.handheld Elastic Catapult
  191. 191.desperately Thirsty; Describes The Look Of Deserts
  192. 192.not Afraid To Give Ones Opinion
  193. 193.first James In The White House
  194. Vigorously
  195. 195.margin Between Forehead And Locks
  196. 196.elicited A Reaction From Someone
  197. 197.metallic Element Bi, Used As A Lead Substitute
  198. 198.2017 Film: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, __
  199. 199.meeting Space For Higher-ups
  200. 200.lapse, Omission
  201. 201.fancy Name For Book Pages
  202. 202.first Norman King Of England: __ The Conqueror
  203. __; Something Done Sincerely Or Honestly
  204. 204.rosss On-off Love Interest In Tv Sitcom Friends
  205. 205.unchanged
  206. 206.object At Rest Stays At Rest, Newtons Law Of __
  207. 207.the Opposite Of Silent Movies
  208. 208.roberto __, Italian Actor In Life Is Beautiful
  209. 209.chaise Longue That Can Be Used For Sleeping
  210. 210.preserving Meat With Smoke Or Salt
  211. 211.permits
  212. 212.queen Of The Fairies, Her King Is Oberon
  213. 213.standbys In Times Of Military Need
  214. Bird With A Long Neck And Legs
  215. That Shares Longest Border With Chile
  216. 216.optimum
  217. 217.stutters
  218. 218.prophetic, With Foresight
  219. 219.someone With No Title Who Marries Into Royalty
  220. 220.fat Tuesday Celebration
  221. 221.number Of Pieces On A Chess Board
  222. 222.polydactyl Ones Have More Than Twenty Toes
  223. 223.kate Hudson And Anne Hathaway Fight About Weddings
  224. 224.destination For Those Traveling By Plane
  225. 225.not Having A Will Before Dying
  226. 226.the Bullet Point After Thirdly
  227. 227.fried Or Toasted Bread Cubes In A Caesar Salad
  228. 228.protective Clothing Worn By A Surfer
  229. 229.fluent In Two Languages
  230. Who Brings Home The Bacon
  231. 231.skunk Bear; Marvel Superhero
  232. 232.becomes Acquainted With
  233. 233.illuminated By Solar Rays
  234. 234.drug That Makes A Person Feel Sleepy
  235. 235.wholly, Completely
  236. 236.ancient Italians
  237. 237.modus Operandi
  238. 238.alleges Someone Is Responsible For A Crime
  239. 239.caribbean Nation Of 700 Islands Off Florida Coast
  240. 240.youngster Helps Pick Up Baseball Hitting Stick
  241. 241.street Robber
  242. 242.mel __, Actor Of Mad Max And Lethal Weapon Fame
  243. From Medieval Arrows
  244. 244.tall Construction Made Of Rotating Blades
  245. 245.breathes
  246. 246.musical Instrument Listed First Alphabetically
  247. 247.drugs Used To Reduce Tension
  248. 248.fine Coating Of Ice Found On Rocks
  249. 249.american Word For What Britons Call A Pram
  250. 250.time In Prison
  251. 251.musical Instrument Also Called The Mouth Organ
  252. 252.african Country Bordering The Strait Of Gibraltar
  253. 253.buttons, Zippers, Snaps, Etc
  254. 254.chess World Champ Defeated By A Computer: Garry __
  255. Owner With Tenants
  256. 256.respond With Excessive Emotion
  257. 257.small-scale Representation
  258. 258.largest City In Texas, Both In Area And Population
  259. 259.deep Pit Worker
  260. 260."__ Itch", Infidelity Urge And Marilyn Monroe Film
  261. 261.hide Blemishes With This Makeup Product
  262. 262.mirage
  263. 263.fabric For Covering Ones Hair
  264. 264.spanish Percussion Instruments Used By Dancers
  265. 265.sewers Protection
  266. 266.scandinavian City Built In 1550 By A Swedish King
  267. 267.thrill-seeker
  268. 268.italian City Nicknamed Bride Of The Sea
  269. 269.high-ranking Naval Officer
  270. 270.poisonous Element That Causes Minamata Disease
  271. 271.writers Of Song Words
  272. 272.dodged
  273. 273.plane Operators
  274. 274.without Milk, Butter, Etc
  275. 275.cleansing Liquid Removes Grit From Visual Organs
  276. 276.taken Away
  277. 277.billy Joels First Hit Single
  278. 278.can Be Detached
  279. 279.long Loose Dresses, Worn By Men And Women
  280. 280.convenience Store On A Small Scale
  281. 281.describes The Varying Lengths Of Skirts
  282. 282.milliner
  283. 283.being Representative Of
  284. 284.paulo Coelhos Tale Of A Shepherd Boy, The __
  285. __, To Take Off Facial Cosmetics
  286. 286.color Scheme Of A Painting
  287. 287.dancing Film With Natalie Portman And Mila Kunis
  288. 288.choosing Not To Participate
  289. 289.blood Feud
  290. 290.deftness, Nimbleness
  291. 291.cleanse, Sanitize
  292. 292.glue And Material Fixing A Cover To A Books Pages
  293. 293.famous Feuding Families Of Yore: __ And Mccoys
  294. 294.singer Who Had A Record Album Called Bday
  295. 295.israeli Lake, Biblical Sea That Christ Walked On
  296. 296.indian Leader Gandhis First Name
  297. 297.radioactive Element Po Discovered By Marie Curie
  298. 298.martin Shorts Character In The Santa Clause 3
  299. 299.jostle, Manhandle
  300. 300.become Smaller Or Less Important, Diminish
  301. 301.person On A Long Journey, Traveler
  302. 302.blank Expression To Avoid Giving Information Away
  303. 303.give False Alarm
  304. 304.audition, Trial
  305. 305.last Ruler Of The Inca Empire, Executed By Pizarro
  306. 306.shock Suddenly
  307. Sitcom About A Company Workplace
  308. 308.soothing
  309. 309.childs Companion
  310. 310.adjectives And Adverbs In Grammar
  311. Molluscs
  312. 312.the Worlds Lowest Country
  313. 313.letter Carrier
  314. 314.second Life Of A Caterpillar
  315. 315.wwii Novel Set In Greece: Captain Corellis __
  316. 316.japanese Dish Of Raw Pieces Of Fish
  317. 317.uncontrolled Descent
  318. Where Mel Gibson Began His Acting Career
  319. 319.sacred Writing Or Text
  320. 320.thomas Carlyle Called It The "dismal Science"
  321. 321.teaching A Sport
  322. 322.government With A Small Group Holding Power
  323. 323.they Use Halos
  324. 324.1984 Vice Presidential Candidate: Geraldine __
  325. 325.celebration, Revelry
  326. 326.chinese Philosopher, Follower Of Confucianism
  327. 327.nobility And Composure
  328. 328.seasonal Wind In Asia That Causes Heavy Rains
  329. 329.make Bigger
  330. 330.early, Preliminary Round Of A Sporting Competition
  331. 331.formal Pieces Of Headwear, Tall And Black
  332. 332.probable
  333. 333.the Roman Name For Portugal
  334. 334.french Verse Form Of Six Stanzas Of Six Lines Each
  335. 335.job Of The Character Marian In The Music Man
  336. 336.joseph Conrad Novel: "heart Of __"
  337. Theme Cereal From General Mills: Count __
  338. 338.alicia Silverstone Stars As Cher In This 90s Movie
  339. 339.mix Up A Pack Of Playing Cards Again
  340. 340.generic Name For The Opioid Antagonist Narcan
  341. 341.small, Old, Cool Star, Cant Be Seen With The Eyes
  342. 342.formless, Shapeless, Nebulous
  343. 343.reveal To Public Gaze
  344. 344.genre Of Christian Music
  345. 345.ran Across A Sports Pitch Without Ones Clothes
  346. 346.add Commas, Periods, Question Marks, Etc.
  347. Remove Hair From Mans Body For Cosmetic Effect
  348. 348.stop From Happening
  349. 349.a Cross Used In Maths To Denote Addition
  350. 350.put Out A Book
  351. 351.a Glimmer Of Happiness To Cling On To
  352. 352.the Capital Of Albania
  353. 353.tropical Fruit And Rum Rhyming Curaçao Cocktail
  354. 354.oreo-based Dessert With Gummy Worms Peaking Out
  355. 355.these Rings Are A Promise Of Virginity, Fidelity
  356. 356.stage Name Of The Late Dj Tim Bergling
  357. 357.optical Sphere On The Face
  358. 358.the Ex-convict In "les Misérables": Jean __
  359. 359.puccinis Poet, Lover Of Mimi In La Bohème
  360. In A Stolen Car
  361. 361.denigrated, Blamed, Disparaged
  362. 362.nicaraguan Counter-revolutionaries Of The 1980s
  363. 363.poem By William Blake: Auguries Of __
  364. 364.what You Are Until Proven Guilty
  365. 365.opposes Head On
  366. 366.recorded The Features Of A Piece Of Land
  367. 367.henry The __, Portuguese Prince And Patron
  368. 368.the Capital Of Chile
  369. 369.medical Tests On Red And White Cells
  370. Where Gerald R. Ford Airport Is: Grand __
  371. 371.demand Forcefully To Have Something
  372. 372.long Epic Journey Such As Written About By Homer
  373. 373.hogwartss House Identified By A Snake
  374. 374.lead An Orchestra
  375. 375.early Writing Utensils
  376. 376.the Scientific Study Of Cells
  377. 377.where The Seat Of A Bishop Is Found
  378. 378.supermarket Counter Selling Summery Cold Foods
  379. 379.thickly-applied Paint
  380. 380.humorous Rhyming Poem With Five Lines
  381. 381.largest City In Brazil
  382. Singer Known For This Kiss
  383. 383.purpose, Aim
  384. 384.cheerful, Optimistic - In A Musical Way
  385. 385.insanity, Like King George
  386. 386.fungi With White And Cremini Varieties
  387. 387.indian Bay, Shares Its Name With A Big Cat
  388. 388.he Abdicated The Throne In 1936: __ Viii
  389. 389.odious, Nasty
  390. 390.saffir-__, Scale That Measures Hurricane Strength
  391. 391.language That Has The Expression "hakuna Matata"
  392. Gemstone With A Stellate Appearance
  393. 393.drambuie, Scotch Whiskey, And Lemon Cocktail
  394. 394.__ Challenge, Worldwide Als Cause
  395. 395.grapples With
  396. 396.soft Fabric Footwear That Covers The Foot Only
  397. 397.prevent From
  398. 398.class Below Bantamweight In Boxing
  399. 399.gin And Vermouth Drinks
  400. 400.founding Father And Second Us President
  401. 401.b-52s Amorous Dwelling
  402. 402.four Equal Sides
  403. 403.u.s. Vice President From 1977 To 1981
  404. 404.stubborn, Strong-willed
  405. Of The Western Roman Empire
  406. 406.tool For Making Holes Without Electricity
  407. 407.something Does Not __; Forecast Of Disaster
  408. Who Looks After A Master
  409. 409.commemorative Object Or Event
  410. 410.mandibles
  411. 411.something Liked Over Something Else
  412. 412.overused Phrase
  413. 413.cloth Sample
  414. 414.dampen
  415. 415.austrian Rolled Pastry With Filling, Usually Apple
  416. 416.scam Artist, Swindler
  417. 417.grievance Against Another
  418. Hockey Players Wear Them On Their Feet
  419. 419."when Doves Cry" Singer
  420. 420.field For A Horse Or Pony
  421. 421.san Francisco Locomotion
  422. Of The Twin Cities
  423. 423.relating To Blood Vessels
  424. 424.bad Breath
  425. 425.quill-covered Herbivore
  426. 426.take Money From The Bank
  427. 427.basic, Fundamental
  428. 428.manufacturing Plant
  429. 429.wavering, Hesitant
  430. 430.fluent, Persuasive Speaking
  431. Athlete
  432. 432.catch Unaware; Hit Unexpectedly
  433. Bordering Costa Rica To The North
  434. 434.pursued
  435. 435.tightest, Most Revealing Clothes
  436. 436.south African Dried Meat Strips
  437. 437.taking The Core Out Of Something
  438. 438.ancient Tradition Of Nine Days Of Repeated Prayers
  439. 439.beating Someone In A Video Game
  440. 440.the River That Runs Through Baghdad
  441. A Brisk Tempo
  442. Overhanging Mass Of Snow Tackled By Climbers
  443. 443.19th C. Polish Composer Known For 21 Nocturnes
  444. 444.every Seven Days
  445. 445."almas" From Iran, The Worlds Most Expensive __
  446. 446.stopping; Putting An End To Something
  447. 447.about To Happen, Pending
  448. 448.the Oldest City In Georgia
  449. 449.evening Prayers In Some Religions
  450. 450.someone Who Supports A Set Of Ideas
  451. 451.cultured, Not Considered Vulgar
  452. About Samantha And Darrin Stephens
  453. 453.kept Out Of The Air
  454. 454.secrets Are Stolen In Dreams In This Film
  455. Business Magnates With Political Influence
  456. 456.small, Portable Grill
  457. Advantage Given At The Beginning Of A Race
  458. 458.breaks In And Steals From A Property
  459. 459.malala __, Youngest Recipient Of A Nobel Prize
  460. Played By Gerald Ford At Univ. Of Michigan
  461. 461.contagious Skin Infection, Forms Mouth/nose Sores
  462. 462.abraham Lincolns Gettysburg __
  463. 463.1934 Song That Enjoyed Astronomical Success
  464. 464.beating, Overcoming
  465. 465.a Solid Figure With More Than 6 Faces
  466. President After Whom A Dam Is Named
  467. Bush Tribute To Veterans: Portraits Of __
  468. 468.__ Up; Fried Eggs With Visible Yolks
  469. 469.famous Airline Of Australia
  470. 470.canadas Second Largest Province In Area
  471. 471.appoint Someone To An Official Religious Role
  472. 472.comic Strip Character Married To Dagwood
  473. 473.smooth Round Stones Found On Beaches
  474. 474.deep Violet Blue Color
  475. 475.tattered Around The Edges
  476. Whose Highest Point Is Lykavittos Hill
  477. 477.tropical Cyclone Storm
  478. 478.fleetwood Mac Album With Go Your Own Way
  479. 479.rubbery Substance Used In Some Implants
  480. Cures What Ails You
  481. 481.alternative To "wiz" On A Philly Cheesesteak
  482. 482.lady And Gent To Share The Cost Of A Meal
  483. 483.revamp, Modernize
  484. 484.episode Consisting Of Scenes From Previous Chapters
  485. 485.distinctive Musical Theater Gesture
  486. 486.scatter These On Cupcakes Or Ice Cream
  487. And Apprehend
  488. 488.informal Name For Muscle Dysmorphia
  489. 489.dionysus, To The Romans
  490. 490.state Juice Of Massachusetts
  491. 491.of The Eight Original V8 Vegetables, The Main One
  492. 492.traitor Or Defector; Flipping Outer Garment Maybe
  493. 493.metalloid Discovered By Chemist Clemens Winkler
  494. 494.device To Help Music Students Play In Rhythm
  495. 495.apprehended By Law Enforcement Officers
  496. 496.heating Something Up Again
  497. Political Drama Starring Tea Leoni: "madam __"
  498. 498.wooded Area
  499. 499.symbol Of The 1982 Knoxville Worlds Fair
  500. 500.private Assembly

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