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  1. wet
  2. 2.tragically cataclysmic
  3. 3.afternoon tea snacks
  4. 4.related to horseback riding
  5. 5.put into words
  6. 6.pawing (through)
  7. agents, for example

About 7 Little Words Crosswords

The most enticing and fun filled game for all you puzzle lovers are here. 7 little words crossword gives its users a wide range of crossword puzzles, anagram games and word finding plays. 7 little words was brought into existence in the year 2011 by Christopher York who is also the owner of the parent company. The application is run by “Blue Ox Family Games Inc” which later also brought Spanish and French versions of the app making it popular among a very large audience. Other popular games dished out by them include Monkey Wrench and Red Herring.

The electronic version of 7 little words which was very user friendly, simple and addictive became very popular in a short span of time and gave way to the print form of the crossword puzzle by Andrews McPeel Publishing.

The application dishes out mini puzzles which are specific to the number 7. It has 7 clues and the same number of mystery words. There are 20 letter formations which have to be cracked. Moving ahead the player has to solve the clues and crack the letter combinations to finally decipher the mystery words. The puzzles are fun and challenging at the same time. The ease of play and variety of topics makes it likeable by players of all age groups. Their website with all the solutions and answers also goes by the name seven little words answers.

7 little words does not have separate contests however, there are two types of puzzles that are published. First one is the regular daily crossword puzzle and second is the bonus crossword puzzle. If you are stuck while solving these cute little puzzles, they have a ready solution. 7 little words crossword answers is their dedicated site which holds the answers to all the clues. The site goes further to keep its players enthralled by solving the puzzle for them. 7 little words answers give the players a peak into the bonus clues as well.

7 little words daily answers can be found online and it is updated on the very same day the puzzle is published. 7 little words answers for today covered a variety of interesting clues. One of the clue was Likeness in paint. Its answer was POTRAIT. You do have help regarding the number of letters required to form the mystery word. The application has a treasure chest of many such interesting and challenging crosswords which will sharpen your brain and improve your knowledge bank in a variety of subjects.

Once you have played a crossword puzzle or anagram game on 7 little words, you are bound to come back for more. Take your skills to the next level by trying out the bonus puzzles which can really put your knowledge to test. 7 little words answers bonus are easily accessible in case you need help halfway through your puzzle.
7 Little Words Crossword Author: Christopher York

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