5 Tips Even Experts Suggest You To Help Successfully Solve Crossword Puzzles Daily

What happens when you find yourself stuck in today’s crossword puzzle, without the slightest idea on how to proceed with the given clue? Well, you try harder and think of every word you can relate the clue with in the given puzzle. And until you find the solution, your over-active mind actually doesn’t stop thinking about it at all.
Well, we have all experienced this mental exercise at some point in our lives while solving a crossword puzzle. And let me tell you, it doesn’t quite matter whether you are a novice or an expert in solving crosswords, getting stuck is an unavoidable part of solving crosswords. Over time, there have been many experts and professionals who have shared their little secret tricks and tips with other readers to simply help the novice solvers solve their puzzles without fail. But, no matter how many times you have read these tips and tricks, they won’t really help unless you increase your reading ability and also enhance your vocabulary. So, here are 5 simple tips from our experts at CrosswordAnswers911 to help you become better crossword solvers.

Read In-Between The Lines

The cruciverbalists spend an immense amount of time making a crossword, and they make sure that you spend some time reading and re-reading the clues and thinking about the solution to them. But the answers to these puzzles are mostly hidden in-between the lines of the clues themselves. So, make sure you read the given clue properly, think about every word stated in it and then find the solution to the puzzle.

Work On Your Reading and Vocabulary


Solving crossword puzzles is a big time adrenaline rush for all those who love crosswords. And why not, every time you guess the answer right, you can feel your ego and confidence boost up. But, in order to become good at solving crosswords, you need to be a good and attentive reader. You need to learn and know about the world around you, and the new technologies that have been invented in the recent times. You also need to work on your vocabulary to find the solutions of certain clues instantly, without having to check the dictionary or the encyclopedia.

Play by the Rules

In order to play the game right, you need to first learn the rules of the game. Did you know that even cruciverbalists who make these clues and crosswords follow a set of rules?

crossword rules

For instance – A clue mentioned in the puzzle will always be in the same form of speech as will be the answer. Or, a foreign word used in the clue will be directly flagged for the solver. Similarly, abbreviated solutions are indicated as (Abbr) for the solver to understand. Hence, go through the basics of Crossword puzzles and get a hang of the rules followed. This will only make your task easier.

Simple Step-By-Step Tips To Avoid Silly Mistakes

Solving a crossword puzzle is not as easy as a walk in the park. You need to follow the rules and also keep in mind all the tips and tricks that you have probably read by experts to find the solutions easily and quickly. These tips include, using a pencil to write the solutions, following a single puzzle editor loyally to understand their format and solve the puzzles easily, filling the banks first, solving the smaller puzzles first and many more.

Following these tips and tricks surely does help in solving a crossword quickly and without any mistakes.

Mistake? Try again dude!

Taking Help Is Not Cheating

Crosswords are meant to boggle your mind. And sometimes, you simply can’t get the answer to a clue despite of thinking and racking your brain about it for an hour. So, what do you do when you are stuck at such crossroads? You take help of crossword answer providers to get the solution and simply move on. Checking the solutions of crosswords is not wrong and you don’t have to feel guilty about it at all.
With these points stated, I hope you will soon start playing crosswords as a mind game or as a mental exercise to keep your brain positively active.

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