5 Reasons Why My Child’s Counsellor Introduced Crossword Puzzles To Her Schedule

Bubbling with energy and a mind that runs ten times faster than that of an adult, kids are born geniuses! But, yes only if you direct them to the right things. If you are a parent you would understand the reason why they ask for a new toy or a new game every few minutes. Well, they easily analyse the game and get bored out of it in just a few minutes. And in such cases, directing their little minds towards crossword puzzles is a great way to help improve their mental health, memory and vocabulary.
Parents these days, instantly give their smartphones to their kids to play without a second thought. Ask yourself if you just did the right thing or not! I did, and my daughter took it as a habit to use it for her entertainment, instead of focusing her young mind into newer creative things. That’s when her school counsellor asked me to introduce fun and creative crossword puzzles to her. Any daily Crossword puzzle for kids are usually based on the fruit names, animals, colors, places, shapes, etc. that are designed especially for your child’s mind. Also, while asking me to play crosswords with her, I was described about the various ways it would help my child. I tried them out, and it greatly helped her improve her creativity and vocabulary. Here are 5 benefits I saw in my child, and I am sure you will see in your kid as well. So, encourage your kid to start playing crosswords today.


Crossword puzzles are a great way to practice spellings that they have probably learnt back at school. They are made to follow a certain spelling rules to help them understand certain patterns when learning spelling words. Playing a crossword puzzle, helps them utilize these rules and also re-enforcing these rules practically.

In crossword puzzles, it is extremely important to spell the words correctly. Also, the use of wide number of words automatically increases the vocabulary of the kids, helping them remember the newer words with their meanings and spellings easily.

image puzzle kids


Kids have the amazing ability to take up challenges and solve them until they don’t succeed. They think from their innocent minds, in every aspect to find the answer to their crossword solutions. Crossword puzzles help you child think strategically about the answer to the crosswords. And, solving even the easiest puzzle gives them a sense of achievement, confidence and success.

Crossword puzzles enhance the reasoning power in kids and also help their little developing minds focus on solving problems logically. So, encourage your kids to start solving simpler crosswords first and slowly move on to more intense puzzles to boost their problem solving skills.


success with crossword

Children in today’s generation have very little patience and absolutely no persistence to finish their tasks. Blame it on your own impatience and urge to finish your tasks faster. Well, kids learn from what they experience and see around them. And persistence is one factor where they surely lack. They easily give up on things that they can’t solve or find solutions for.

Crossword puzzles help teach persistence in kids, making them solve the same crossword puzzles many times, until they are successful. This is a healthy mental activity to help them learn and understand failure and success. After many failure comes sweet success that definitely boosts the confidence level in the kids.


Based on the past researches and studies performed, it has been proved that crossword puzzles have the ability to keep your mind active by strengthening the brain cells and also reducing the effect of diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s in people.

Crossword puzzles for kids are specially designed for kids based on their IQ levels. The puzzles include shapes, numbers, colors, fruit names, animal names, letters and places. These help in creating awareness in children and also enhancing their visual awareness. Moreover, each time they solve a crossword puzzle, they learn new names that further enhances their IQ.

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Solving crossword puzzles is the best brain training exercise for your child. They help increase the brain, eye and hand co-ordination in children and hence increasing their productivity. Solving puzzles subconsciously helps improve the learning, grasping and memory skills in kids.
Now that you are aware of these basic reasons why you should push your child into solving crossword puzzles, let’s solve some puzzles with our kids at CrosswordAnswers 911.